Annomate Mobile EMV Credit Card Processing

Annomate offers two wonderful EMV mobile solutions for any business – Clover Go and Swipe Simple. Demo both programs and decide what program works best for your company.

Annomate mobile EMV credit card processing is perfect for:

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    Mobile Service Companies

    Plumbing, locksmiths, contractors, tree trimming and removal, and other businesses that visit their customers are a perfect match for our mobile solutions. Accept a credit card on-site securely (EMV), capture the customer signature, and email or text them their receipt!

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    Outdoor Events

    Some vendors travel the nation to sell their products at fairs and carnivals. A mobile EMV device from Annomate is the answer if you want to accept a form of payment besides cash!

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    Tradeshow Exhibitors

    Our EMV Mobile payment solutions allow you to travel across the country to trade shows and get payments for products or memberships right on the show floor.