Annomate Credit Card Processing for Bars & Nightclubs

The bar and nightclub industry is a fast-paced, exciting scene that demands the full attention of ownership and management. Annomate’s bar & nightclub team is here to help with setting up a proper point of sale system for your business. If you are an existing bar or nightclub, odds are high that Annomate can save you not only money but also time when it comes to your credit card processing.

What sets Annomate apart from the rest?

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    Experienced Team

    Annomate has a dedicated and experienced team with years of background working in the bar and nightclub industry. We get the challenges, and work to make things easy for you.

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    POS Integration

    Annomate integrates with hundreds of bar and nightclub Point of Sale systems including Aloha, Digital Dining, Focus, and more.

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    Bundle ATM & Cards

    Demand for an ATM can be very high at nightclubs and bars, and with our bundle specials when you combine your credit card processing services and ATM with Annomate you will see a not only a good savings but also one point of contact for your transactions.

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    Cash Advances

    We fully understand that some bars & nightclubs can be extremely busy during specific seasons, and slow in others. Annomate offers two programs that could help you in a pinch, depositing money directly into your bank account, and paid off over time directly from your credit card processing transactions.